Stolen Treasures

Forget about the Pandora’s box. Let’s go on the hunt for treasure boxes that hold impressive riches in Red Tiger’s Stolen Treasures. Just open the lid ajar and peek inside – are you ready for Instant Cash prizes and Multipliers?

Grand Prix

Players with a need for speed and a true passion for fast cars and big wins are in for a real treat here. The developers at Amaya have designed Grand Prix with exactly these players in mind.

Rabbit Hole

Fall through the vortex In the Rabbit Hole and arrive in a mesmerizing world where chaos awaits – but it is not a problem for you! Red Tiger is bringing you a video slot game that could not get any curiouser; let’s go and explore.

Cake & Ice Cream

Are you ready for some zero-calorie fun as tantalizing sugary treats are flying low? You will love Red Tiger’s new Cake & Ice Cream video slot, as it is a cakewalk. You just spin in an eye-candy ambience and wait for glorious Multipliers!

Santa Spins

It’s that time of year once more! Santa Claus is preparing to deliver gifts to all good children throughout the world. Yes, you will be his assistant this year. Create a Santa Wild by spinning it across the whole first reel of Santa Spins.

Pinatas & Ponies

Keep a firm grip on your pinata buster – the papier-mâché ponies of Red Tiger’s Pinatas & Ponies are stuffed to the brim with goodies. Flags and balloons fly in the air as an exciting celebration is unfolding in the colourful meadow of this mellow game. 

Shen 168

Cai Shen 168
Join the wealth god on your one path to prosperity as the mythical world of Red Tiger’s Cai Shen 168 unfolds before your feet. As you ride Cai Shen’s black tiger, the many jewels of the oriental world scatter the 5 reels and 4 rows of Cai Shen 168.

Ancient Disco

Historical Egypt and the 1980s vibrant disco culture come together for an eccentric dance party in Ancient Disco by Red Tiger! Disco lights flash as beautiful scarabs light up the dance floor for a dazzling player experience.


Keeping up with age-old tradition, Forge of Fortunes sees you delve into the rocky abyss, armed with a quarry of tools, your job is to separate the sought-after gold clusters from unwanted lumps of coal.


After a series of wrong turns, Benny and his entourage wind up trapped in a rodeo rife with danger. Never one to back down in the face of a challenge – Benny and his fellow bulls plot a bold exit.